About Us

We are the founders, Cameron Edwards and Scott Vinson. We started AmericanGunOwner.com because we realized we had no safe place to keep...well, our guns; or really, no safe place to keep anything of real value.

That's why we decided to create AmericanGunOwner.com. We wanted to have safe spaces of our own to keep the things we cherished and loved most (yes, guns are important to us). A place that only we could access (and a few of our loved ones), so if something happened, no one who wasn't qualified or trusted could take what rightfully belonged to us; but also somewhere we could store our belongings that are protected so our smaller family members (aka: children and/or animals) couldn't accidentally get a hold of something they shouldn't, and somewhere that if our loved ones were in trouble or needed something important, they knew where to go. With one of us being a former Deputy and being raised in a family of law enforcement, we know how important all of that is. Thus, AmericanGunOwner.com was truly formed.

We want to be the place everyone can turn to and trust. A place where people can say "They know what they're doing and I want to use their products so we can protect our assets and those around us". 

We hope you enjoy not just our site, but also our products.

Thank you and Be Blessed!